A Little Bit About Little Me…


A.D.Madden primarily writes Urban fantasy, Paranormal romance and Young Adult Fantasy. While she’s been known to dabble in the odd surrealist short story one thing remains the same – her passion for making the surreal real and giving reality a twist with character driven narrative.

Born and raised in the wilds of Montréal’s Western Island she grew up saving the neighbourhood from ghost with her brother and avoiding books at all costs. It wasn’t until the Ice storm of 98’ forced a literary confrontation that she stopped the pretense and dived into the world of words with an obsessive passion.

Graduating from John Abbott’s Liberal Arts Program she started her degree in English Literature at Concordia University. Before choosing a minor she took a six-year hiatus to explore other creative avenues including the art of tattooing. Having had a shift in priorities due to her Diagnoses of Fibromyalgia she can now be found walking to work when there’s no buses on holidays in between finishing her English Lit. Degree, Reading, Blogging, Reading, Napping, Procrastinating, Reading, and Percolating Ideas. She can usual be found if not with a book in her hand, then with one in her head.


Welcome to my mindset where all my blogs, reviews, and random wanderings of the mind are now all conveniently located in one space! – This is where the procrastination happens.